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“March has demonstrated a keen understanding for how we want to educate businesses on total email risk management. The agency’s strategic approach is helping us ensure a more integrated marketing and communications function, to effectively raise this awareness. We’ve been impressed with March’s ability to develop fresh content story lines and pitch angles, to maintain consistent messages in the media and visibility among our target influencers. We see March as a true partner, and it’s clear that they are just as invested in our success as a company through their proactivity and in the way they lead each initiative with our core objectives in mind.”
Kristen Webb, Communications Manager, Mimecast
“I’ve worked with several agencies and my experience with March has exceeded all my expectations.  The team is made up of professionals who are proactive, results-driven and easy to work with.  It’s important that my agency is able to help me on both a strategic and tactical level.  Considering this, I asked March to help me media train a few executives we use regularly for media and analyst opportunities.  Not only was the session refreshing and informative, it was led by an ex-reporter who was able to inject experiences from both sides which made the training all that more valuable and effective.”
Lucy Millington, Senior Director, Acronis
“As a journalist, I have a love-hate relationship with PR. When PR knows how to meet my needs as a journalist, they are extremely helpful. When they don’t know what they’re doing and just broadcast at me, they make my job a heck of a lot harder. March PR goes beyond helpful to invaluable. They take the time to learn about my needs as a journalist, and they respond with on-target,knowledgeable sources time and time again. If every PR firm fit the March PR mold, you’d never hear the press complain about PR again.”
Jeff Vance, Journalist, Sandstorm Media
“I’ve worked with March since 2009 and have since, among other businesses, enlisted the agency to launch two UK-based startups in the U.S. as well as a publicly listed company. Doing this well requires a sound understanding of both the UK and U.S. markets — a perspective that’s rare to find in a boutique agency. Thanks to the March team, each commercial launch has been very successful. March is a credit to its sector and in my opinion unmatched in the tech sector.”
Ali Moinuddin, Chief Marketing Officer, Workshare
“March stands out as one of the few tech PR firms I’ve worked with that has a truly comprehensive approach to their services.  They take the time to understand their client’s markets and needs, do their homework, engage with effectiveness, and also cross-train their team so you’re not depending on just one single talented pro.”
Jim Frey, Managing Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)
“In working with members of the March team for nearly ten years, I can hand-on-heart say that they just “get it.” An incredibly professional and personable team, their knowledge of both the tech and media industries puts them at the top of the charts for PR agencies in the world.”
Pete Hendrick, Director, Octopus Communications
“Our buying audience is diverse in the U.S. and the March team has created and executed a targeted campaign for us that reaches our market. They’ve incorporated help forums, blogs, LinkedIn, analysts and traditional media into one cohesive program. Our U.S. sales have continued to rise steadily and our visibility is increasing.”
Juergen Hoenig, Director of Marketing, NCP Engineering
“March really understands our business and the market in which we operate. Transcending geographic borders and barriers, they have capitalized on our most important messages and sectors, producing lots of great content and securing coverage in top-tier publications, including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, and TechCrunch.”
Caroline Gyte, Marketing Director, Interxion
“March Communications has helped Opsview raise the bar in terms of our premium content output, which has played an important role in our lead generation efforts. We’ve been impressed with the agency, both in terms of the quality of the material created and the guidance on paid and social channels—our team values March’s input to help us optimize our marketing campaigns.”
Jim Malone, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Opsview