Tech PR agencies in Boston are always looking for new talent. Boston is having a bit of a PR challenge at the moment, but it has nothing to do with clients. This time, it’s all about finding talent for open PR positions. The city is far from alone – according to a World PR Report study conducted by The Holmes Report and International Communications Consultancies Organization, PR firms say that it’s difficult to find “intelligent, well-educated talent.” But why?

Partly, it’s because of the rapid changes happening throughout PR agencies. For the first time, agencies are focusing closely on offering services that span beyond traditional public relations – from web design and building to SEO and content creation. The need for new skillsets means that new kinds of positions are forming. The way people get news, learn about and buy products and engage with their suppliers has drastically changed, too.

The fundamentals of PR – paid, owned, earned and shared media – have remained the same, but now agencies are using different skills and strategies to make the most of them.

Diversity of Skills is the Future of PR

At March, we’re doing two things to stay ahead of the curve as the public relations field keeps changing.

First, we’ve broadened our own available skillsets considerably over the past year. We have employees who are versed in traditional PR tactics such as influencer relations and owned content creation, but also in areas such as market research, content marketing, video production and graphic design. As we head into 2014 searching for new talent, we’re not just looking for people with a PR background. We’ve found that digital marketers and journalists also have valuable insights and skills to contribute.

And second, we help people grow. We want employees to learn new skills and experiment with new ideas. Diverse knowledge of digital tools, creativity and flexibility are some of the most sought-after skills for recruitment this year, but the top quality we always look out for is passion. At the end of the day, it’s passion that fuels our team and keeps us looking for new opportunities to help grow a client’s business.

If you’re interested in joining the March team, check out our open positions!