Adobe's Instagram marketing geniusWhen B2B tech companies are looking to launch a great product launch campaign, it can pay off to review the way that some of the big brands out there have been leveraging different channels to spread the word.

Yesterday, we took a look at how Apple stayed the course. Today, we’ll talk about how Adobe employed a strategic use of Instagram and other social media channels to announce the brand new CS6 Creative Cloud.

The launched started with a video titled “Work at the Speed of your Imagination Using CS6 Master Collection” and, from there, went social.

Pre-Launch Marketing

During the product’s launch week, Adobe followed the launch video with an entire playlist demoing CS6’s new qualities, perfect for anyone serious about investing in the product. By showcasing the software in these crisp, concise demonstrations, Adobe was able to garner from  the graphic editing community specifically – the product’s target audience. Geared toward the technology-adept, CS6 Creative Cloud was also featured in the MAX 2013 Creativity Conference.

Social Media

Adobe primarily tackled social media through three platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The Facebook  page featured short posts with eye-catching graphic images, pre and post-launch.As with most product launches, hashtags were key. Adobe stuck with the hashtag #CreativeCloud to generate interest on Twitter and Instagram, which was also useful in showing off impressive screenshots from the demo playlist on both social sites.

The Instagram Strategy

In a recent study done by SumAll, Instagram was found to be the most effective social network for companies looking for subscriber growth, engagement, and a sales boost. SumAll’s data shows that in the first 11 months of 2013, US businesses that used Instagram saw revenue increases between 1.5 to 3.5 percent. Adobe is one of the first B2Bs that have really harnessed the power of Instagram for a product launch by incorporating Instagram videos, photos, and hashtags that encourage users to engage with the account.


Adobe aired a post-launch Instagram video after Creative Cloud hit 1 million users. Adobe’s success on social media platforms led to a sea of user photos tagged with #CreativeCloud even months after the product launch

March’s Take

Adobe’s advertising strategy tackled social media right. Although the company didn’t have many flashy events, the company harnessed the power of Instagram in a way most B2Bs have yet to do.


  • Pre-launch focused on showcasing the ins and outs of the new product for a very specific target audience of graphic editors and Adobe fans
  • Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram continued to build momentum for the brand well after CS6 was released
  • Creating customer interest through gorgeous, eye-catching photos on social media platforms was key to Adobe’s social media strategy


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