Keys to — and an Example of — a Memorable Product Promo Video

What makes a good promo video? Do you need a huge budget and a Hollywood film director to pull it […]

4 Takeaways from BMA Chicago’s Annual Fuel Event

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Last week, I had the opportunity to attend BMA (Business Marketing Association) Chicago’s annual event, Fuel. The event was sponsored […]

A Glimpse Inside March Communications

Video content has proven to be an invaluable PR and marketing tool for many brands. It can help drive campaigns, […]

Journalists Want Breaking News – Can Your Press Release Deliver?

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In the age of the 24-hour news cycle, it’s no surprise that journalists crave breaking news. But, did you know […]

3 Ways Tech Companies Can Avoid a Boring Office Launch

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Full Disclosure: Cambridge Consultants is a March client

Cambridge Consultants recently opened an office in Boston, and since the March office […]

Think Pink – Komen MA’s Anne Morris Visits With Pub Club

Think pink on October 9th and join the Publicity Club of New England as we honor National Breast Cancer Awareness […]

How Making a Client ‘Famous’ Led to Front Page Coverage

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A common challenge in PR – no matter what sector – is maintaining client visibility during inevitable news lulls, where […]

100 Stock Phrases Journalists, PR Pros and Content Marketers Need to Stop Using

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When you’re writing a lot of content – whether it’s an article for a publication, a pitch to a reporter […]

A Nod to the Podcast: Is Audio the Next Great Content Marketing Tool?

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After years of listening to the same iTunes playlists and stale talk radio programs, I finally moved the purple podcast […]

Taking the ‘Tech’ Out of Tech PR

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When deciding on a career, you evaluate your personal strengths. If you love numbers, you may go in to finance. […]