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A Cautionary Tale of Content Marketing Gone Long(-Form)

By |Aug 21 2014|Categories: Content Marketing|Tags: , |

On a Tuesday morning in July, the Internet had to regain its collective balance following a rare shockwave — the […]

5 Tips for a Successful Technology Kickstarter Campaign              

By |Aug 19 2014|Categories: Social Media|Tags: , |

There are a lot of successful Kickstarter stories out there. The media loves them and they’re highly shareable – thanks […]

3 Lessons from Customer Service I’ve Taken to Tech PR

By |Aug 18 2014|Categories: PR|Tags: , |

Since I was old enough to have a job, I worked in customer service. As it turns out, all of […]

What Should Your Company Spend on Blogging? (Part 2)

By |Aug 18 2014|Categories: Content Marketing, PR|Tags: , , |

As we laid out in part one, the future of a really competitive corporate blogging and/or brand journalism program will […]

Roller Coasters and Bumper Cars: March Company Outing 2014

By |Aug 15 2014|Categories: Culture|Tags: |

Corporate culture seems to be a buzzword lately – and rightfully so. You spend a large majority of your week […]

Intern Insights: My Summer at March Communications

By |Aug 15 2014|Categories: Culture|Tags: , |

For the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of working at March as a summer intern.While I’ve dabbled in […]

The Pre-Pitching Perfect Storm

By |Aug 14 2014|Categories: PR|Tags: , , |

When strategizing with clients on how to make a splash on the day of a big announcement, there’s one technique […]

What Should Your Company Spend on Blogging? (Part 1)

By |Aug 11 2014|Categories: Content Marketing, PR|Tags: , , |

Don’t laugh, because, one day, it will happen. A company’s blog will win a Pulitzer journalism prize. And the next […]

Cloud and the Internet of Things 101

By |Aug 8 2014|Categories: PR|Tags: , |

A few weeks ago, March conducted a training session, “Cloud 101 and the Internet of Things.” As an Account Coordinator […]

March’s Research Division’s Work Nominated for 2nd Award in Recent Months

By |Aug 6 2014|Categories: PR|Tags: , , |

Just over a year ago, March officially launched our research division, March Insight, with the hire of a full-time research […]