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Analytics as a PR and Customer Service Tool in Telecoms

By |May 31 2013|Categories: PR|Tags: , , |

Last week, we took a closer look at a Google I/O 2013 announcement predicting that there will be 900M Android […]

Are Clichés in PR Writing Ever OK?

By |Mar 19 2014|Categories: Content Marketing, PR|Tags: , |

Anyone with extensive academic or professional writing experience has been warned about the hazards of using clichés. In the world […]

Crash Course: SEO’s History and Why it’s So Important to PR

By |Aug 9 2013|Categories: PR|Tags: , , , |

Search engine optimization. SEO. It’s what all the kids are talking about these days, right? It’s that new craze that […]

What B2B Tech Companies Need for a Successful Product Launch (Part 1)

By |May 30 2013|Categories: PR|Tags: , |

The majority of B2B tech companies are operating in extremely crowded markets. Businesses across most industries – from backup and […]

Onboarding Process Part 1: Where Businesses and their New PR Firms Get to Know Each Other

By |May 30 2013|Categories: PR|Tags: , , |

The onboarding process is a critical part of building a fruitful relationship between a PR agency and a new client. […]

Boston PR Pros Go Behind the Scenes at Local NPR Station

Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to join the Publicity Club of New England during its tour of Boston’s local […]

Is Your Content Marketing Strategy a Microwave Dinner or a Full-Course Meal?

By |May 30 2013|Categories: Content Marketing|Tags: , |

Microwave dinners are good. Mostly because they’re fast and easy. You throw them into a tiny box, hit a button […]

Dear March: Can I Engage with a Technical Audience over Social Media?

By |Jun 16 2014|Categories: Social Media|Tags: , |

Dear March,
My content is extremely technical and my target audience is engineers. Does it make sense to do social media?


Dear […]

Boston PRoud Event Raises Close to $70K for The One Fund

Last night, Boston’s PR crowd took over Dillon’s, Lir and Back Bay Social Club on Boylston Street to raise money […]

Boston Tech Spotlight: Conjur Helps Companies Bridge the Cloud Security Gap

By |Mar 14 2014|Categories: Culture|Tags: , , |

In the latest edition of March’s “Boston Tech Spotlight” feature, our look at area tech companies, we’re highlighting Conjur.

Founded in 2011 […]