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March Nominated for ‘Coolest Companies in Boston’

By |Aug 1 2014|Categories: Culture|Tags: , , |

What makes your company cool? Do you work with an incredibly talented group of people? Do you have a pool […]

Need to Step Up Your Event PR Game? Get a Photographer.

By |Jul 31 2014|Categories: PR|Tags: , , |

Having studied photography in college, I was thrilled to incorporate a favorite “hobby” into my position here at March. I […]

4 Ways to Go Beyond the Press Release in a Post-Panda World

By |Jul 30 2014|Categories: Content Marketing|Tags: , , , |

It isn’t “new” news anymore that Google’s Panda 4.0 caused the SEO visibility of press releases to drop considerably, but […]

Tech Companies Have 7 Minutes to Impress Prospects – What Do You Do?

By |Jul 30 2014|Categories: Content Marketing, PR|Tags: , |

Tech companies are sprouting up left and right underneath plentiful storms of investor cash. That’s led to a plethora of […]

3 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

Since its launch about exactly a year ago, Sponsored Updates has quickly become LinkedIn’s fastest growing Marketing Solutions product, according […]

Is it OK to Tell a Client Their Product Isn’t Interesting?

By |Jul 28 2014|Categories: PR|Tags: , , |

In the world of PR, juggling client expectations with reality is always a struggle, especially when it comes to the […]

The Write Stuff: What are the Fundamentals of Writing for PR?

As March approaches its second year of involvement with The Publicity Club of New England (Pub Club), we’re excited to […]

Forbes Gets Acquired – Here’s What That Means for PR Strategies

By |Jul 25 2014|Categories: PR|Tags: , , |

Late last week, Forbes made headlines when it announced that it was being acquired by Hong Kong-based Integrated Whale Media […]

Southwest Airlines’ Social Media #FAIL

When will people learn to stop biting the hand that feeds them? Social media has been a veritable wellspring of […]