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#FridayFive: PR and Digital News Roundup [April 15, 2016]

How the Boston tech startup ecosystem is making a strong comeback, why small is the "new" big for innovative PR, Verizon's 300 million dollar plan to bring Fios to Boston, HubSpot's PR dilemma with former staffer, and why tech companies need a broad media strategy.

A Prediction for Brand Journalism’s Continued Evolution

The media landscape is constantly evolving. And, over the last few years, we’ve seen major shifts in public relations as media outlets trim their staff and transition to storytelling with video.

March Comms’ Tech Download [April 12, 2016]

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The latest happenings from the past month in the hottest, most valuable areas of tech ­– straight from our desks to yours.

#FridayFive: PR and Digital News Roundup [April 8, 2016]

What Snapchat's update means for PR pros, four ways to push your PR campaign to the next level, big changes happening at Mashable, how WhatsApp is taking a stand and what B2B social media can do for your brand.

[Podcast] Social Media Strategy: I Want Twitter to Work

Is it better to be hyper-focused on one platform, try to build quality engagement on every channel, or do something in between? We talk social media strategy on this week's Hacks and Flacks.

Welcome, Kalyn

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Today we welcome Kalyn Schieffer, our newest account executive, to the March team. We asked her a few questions to get to know her better!

Brands That Win Distort Reality

Every brand wants to be The Brand in their space. The greatest brands, however, create an entirely new space and dominate it. Being a great leader is about creating a new reality and making it true for others.

Instagram Video: The Latest Update & How Best to Use it

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The inevitable has come to pass. In addition to the Instagram algorithm update that recently stirred up a hornet’s nest […]

#FridayFive: PR and Digital News Roundup [April 1, 2016]

The latest in the legal battle between Apple and the FBI, the factors that distinguish a fully integrated PR mix, Instagram's newest update, and the "darker side" to the digital shift.

BTS Video Content: How and Why to Embrace it

BTS video content is meant to show at least part of what goes into organizing and executing something like a live event or the evolution of a product design. By pulling back the curtain, it adds value for viewers.