SEO & Content Marketing

Today, high-quality, shareable content means a better ranking in search results. Content marketing has become the backbone of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and, increasingly, it also plays a role in lead generation and PR campaigns. That’s why March has a full-time content marketing team to help clients create premium content and optimize content marketing campaigns.

From executive blog posts to white papers, from eBooks to video and infographics, March has the resources to ensure that client PR programs are augmented with robust content that engages prospects and secures top-tier media placements. Additionally, we can help build lead generation programs by implementing data capture forms for eBooks, creating sponsored social media and Google Adwords collateral and creating email newsletters for lead nurture.

March can also develop and reflect keyword strategies and work with clients to optimize websites and blogs for search, tying activities into PPC advertising and other lead generation activities as needed.

As Google places a higher emphasis on quality backlinks and quality content, March works tirelessly to make sure that content strategies stand the test of time by maintaining the highest quality control on content output and diversifying the channels and mediums through which that content is shared. We can also set up Google Authorship for individual thought leaders, further optimizing content for search.