Strategy, Messaging & Training

If you speak with passion and conviction, you will be remembered. Of course, substance is important too, and our experience has proven that the majority of spokespeople do have something interesting say, but would do even better if they inproved the way they tell their story.

Our strategy sessions, messaging clinics and media training workshops help novices and veterans alike to identify and unify the main messages they want to express, consolidate key points and integrate language that will resonate with target audiences.

We conduct full day media training workshops designed to enhance spokespeople’s communications with media and industry analysts through mock interviews, both on an off-camera to develop situational confidence and control for clients. We also host frequent messaging workshops focused on identifying core competencies, key differentiators and test message resonance with analyst friendlies.

March is well-placed to help clients identify and deliver their most compelling stories and positioning in the most engaging ways possible.