Influencer Relations

Strong relationships with industry influencers are the key to any successful communications campaign. Our first objective is to define the audiences that matter to your company, in both opinion and action.

We pride ourselves in knowing your market influencers on an individual basis – we read their articles and reports, follow their social media profiles and know exactly why, how and when they want to be contacted. From there, we base our outreach strategy on individual preferences, providing them with the angles, ideas and content that they desire.

Our solid, personal relationships with your influencers translates to your company being top of mind when they are writing stories and blog posts or drafting reports and making vendor recommendations. This targeted approach to influencer relations leads to placement in the outlets that will move the needle for your company – including business press, trade publications, local media and more.

We also use a diverse range of tools to stay on top of reporter, analyst and blogger agendas, from social media tools such as Twitter,to email services such as HARO, and subscription services such as Profnet and SWMS, amongst many others.