Multimedia & Social Media

Multimedia and social media play an integral part in every client campaign. March uses social media to track and understand industry trends and news, and we continually interact with key influencers on behalf of clients to unearth new opportunities. We also leverage our in-house multimedia capabilities, such as video production and graphic design, to bring campaigns to life.

In many PR and marketing campaigns today, powerful visual elements are becoming just as important as powerful messaging. Educational product videos or animated shorts that explain a business concept can help engage audiences and build brand awareness while creating a memorable experience. That’s why March has a full-time, in-house video production team that can shoot and edit video in different formats and travel on-site to help with filming and directing.

Our multimedia capabilities often help amplify our social media strategies. By leveraging engaging and unique multimedia content across social channels, we can help communicate a client’s message in a fresh and exciting way.

March has helped clients create video collateral for product launches, HR initiatives, events and more. For many clients, March is also the orchestrator of their social media strategies, helping devise and define appropriate engagement initiatives for existing and new channels, be that building a blog in WordPress or leveraging Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Quora, Vimeo, YouTube, Pinterest, or any other more regionally or topically specific social channel.