• Digital & Social Media

    As the world of social media continues to evolve, the importance of devising solid digital strategies has never been more critical. Companies must target the social channels that are most effective in reaching influencers, optimize the ratio of time spent to business value, and factor in impact on natural search performance.

  • Influencer Relations

    While communications strategies will continually evolve to meet new demands, one constant will be the importance of building strong relationships with key influencers. From media professionals to analysts to internal stakeholders, a targeted, strategic approach is needed to reach all relevant and valued parties.

  • International

    Businesses are expanding their reach and going global, and with that comes the need for effective international PR programs in key markets. Through our partnerships with more than 80 PR agencies globally, we help clients successfully break into new local markets, with streamlined management through their core, trusted March team.

  • Insight & Analytics

    The ability to monitor and track influencers, mentions, conversations and trends has never been more important. Applying competitive analysis and real-time intelligence sources to communications planning, delivery and measurement allows March to take the guess work out of PR, improving the relevance of messaging, targeting of stories and overall campaign impact.

  • SEO & Content Marketing

    The role of content in natural search is changing rapidly.  Google’s algorithms continue to place increasing value on rich media and audience engagement.  High-quality content that truly engages your target audience and is optimized for social sharing is the key to securing highly competitive, top natural search positions.

  • Strategy, Messaging and Training

    Want great coverage? Get your strategy right, research and plan your story and fully prepare your spokespeople. Effectively portraying and clearly articulating your vision and message starts with a deep understanding of your strategic direction. At March we believe strategy, messaging and effective spokesperson training go hand in hand. Our workshops and interactive sessions help novices and veterans alike identify and unify the main messages you want to express, and help refine story delivery.

  • Thought Leadership & Industry Events

    With editorial staff stretched ever more thinly and industry analysts playing a growing role in publishing content, gaining a thought leadership position in any industry requires a more creative approach than ever. March understands the combination of issues-based commentary, rapid-fire response, leveraging events and wooing of key influencers that is required to achieve standout visibility.




  • Business Services PR

    With global connectivity surging, companies are tapping into talent pools and new customer bases that were inaccessible even just a few years ago. Traditional and brand new business models are able to grow, thrive and foster innovation, allowing virtually any professional to offer their expertise “as a service” and access knowledge and new markets in ways never thought possible.

  • Business & Network Intelligence PR

    Real-time analytics, IT optimization and network and application performance monitoring, among other technologies, are re-defining how companies across every industry do business. Putting a strong focus on the end customer in PR campaigns, and communicating how to make more strategic and intelligent decisions to improve business performance, is essential to winning them over.

  • Consumer Technology PR

    Consumer spending on smart devices, mobile apps and infotainment content and services is at an all-time high. March has helped a broad range of software and hardware companies—from developers of PC utilities and animation tools to wireless broadband modem and SIM card manufacturers— to engage consumers across traditional, online, social media and other emerging channels.

  • Virtualization & Cloud PR

    Research firm IDC predicts the market for public IT cloud services alone will grow by 26.4 percent per year from 2012 to 2016 – five times that of the overall IT industry. As companies accelerate their shift to the cloud services model for IT consumption, we can help increase visibility and get your brand in front of potential customers.

  • Green & Clean Technology PR

    With each passing year, renewable energy technologies are evolving. What used to be a simple equation and set of choices is becoming increasingly complicated as new solutions emerge and gather storm. As the clean energy technology market rapidly matures, gaining visibility amongst rivals in this industry takes a combination of compelling story telling, the right relationships with influencers, and sheer persistence.

  • Infrastructure PR

    The IT infrastructure space is crowded and data center options can appear endless for an organization looking to host part or all of its operations with a third-party provider. We help infrastructure companies cut through the noise and clearly communicate their benefits and differentiators for customers in any vertical.

  • Mobile & Telecom PR

    The world of telecommunications is in upheaval amidst the emergence of significant new trends like mobile payments, Big Data, 4G, cloud computing, and Net Neutrality, forcing carriers to fundamentally reconsider their business models. Establishing an authentic, relevant voice in this rapidly transforming sector requires PR campaigns driven by expertise and creativity.

  • Security PR

    Today’s security landscape is complicated, and ranges from the risk of cyber attacks, insider fraud, and data breaches to an increasingly mobile workforce and movements like BYOD. In a crowded, technical and highly competitive market, gaining mindshare and achieving campaign success requires an intelligent, informed and creative approach.