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Here at March we like to make sure that we get the balance right between working hard and having some fun. Sure, delivering outstanding work for our clients is hugely important and it’s our number one priority, but it’s also important to enjoy your days and like spending time with the people you work with.  Go ahead and meet some of team and check out some of the things we have been up to recently!

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  1. Ramping Up for a Hard-Driving Internet of Things Guest,… September 19, 2014

    Ramping Up for a Hard-Driving Internet of Things

    Paul Brody, Global Industry Leader, Electronics, IBMBy Paul BrodyAs the Internet of Things starts to accelerate, the practical realities of running networks of devices that number in the billions and tens of billions are becoming a major…

  2. prnewswire:Around the Wire: Newspaper Editors Follow… September 19, 2014


    Around the Wire: Newspaper Editors Follow BuzzFeed’s Lead

    Catch up on this week’s news for journalists and bloggers, including highlights from the 2014 ASNE-APME conference where newspaper executives were told to take a page out of BuzzFeed’s playbook.  

    Other media news included four ways to boost your blog’s email list and one j-school’s decision to abandon print. 

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  3. thisistheverge:Goodbye Macworld After two decades in print,… September 17, 2014


    Goodbye Macworld
    After two decades in print, Macworld announced this week that the print magazine will shut down. Jason Snell was Macworld’s lead editor for more than a decade, and – along with many of his former colleagues – is moving on. Jason has launched a new site, Six Colors, where he will continue covering Apple and the technology industry at large. We asked him to reflect on his experience as one of the industry’s most prolific Apple watchers.

  4. staff:There’s a new OS for the iPhone. It’s called iOS 8. Why?… September 17, 2014


    There’s a new OS for the iPhone. It’s called iOS 8. Why? Apple won’t say.

    Regardless, we’ve got a new Tumblr app out today that takes advantage of iOS 8’s improved sharing features. Make a photo post right from your Photos app, for example. Or a link post right from Safari. Couldn’t be easier.

    Also: Posts are now the full width of the screen. That means photos are 3% larger than before. Sounds like a little, feels like a lot.

  5. nerdology:In July of 2010 I asked Apple if they could get the… September 16, 2014


    In July of 2010 I asked Apple if they could get the app names to cooperate with the accelerometer (at the time I was talking about the multitasker, specifically). During the iPhone 6 event last week, they finally delivered. Honestly, I’m really digging that side dock. Thanks.

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