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Here at March we like to make sure that we get the balance right between working hard and having some fun. Sure, delivering outstanding work for our clients is hugely important and it’s our number one priority, but it’s also important to enjoy your days and like spending time with the people you work with.  Go ahead and meet some of team and check out some of the things we have been up to recently!

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  • prweek: February 27, 2015


  • prostheticknowledge:AquacrushInteractive browser-based music… February 27, 2015



    Interactive browser-based music video for datagarden‘s Aquaglass presents abstract and silky-smooth fluid dynamics to good effect, put together by alextyson

    Experience it yourself here

  • A few of the March ladies at the TechCrunch meetup tonight. Come… February 27, 2015

    A few of the March ladies at the TechCrunch meetup tonight. Come find us and say hello if you’re here!

  • salon:In Feb. 2010, a shirtless man on a horse made us rethink… February 26, 2015


    In Feb. 2010, a shirtless man on a horse made us rethink our scent and celebs sang for Haiti relief. Our look back…

    You held out for as long as you could, but one day — against your better judgment — you clicked on a “viral video.” A song about chocolate rain. A man going full-psycho over double rainbows. Rebecca. Effing. Black. You didn’t feel great about it, but you just couldn’t help it. We may never have a hard-and-fast gauge on what makes something “go viral” — something to do with wisdom tooth meds? — but we can still, retroactively, attempt to make sense of some of it. That’s why every Thursday, in true #tbt fashion, we’ll be taking a look back at the things that went viral exactly five years prior.

    This week in Internet history: Old spice guy, We are the World, and Nicole Richie.

  • mashablehq:We were there for every Internet-breaking moment of… February 26, 2015


    We were there for every Internet-breaking moment of 2014, and now, we’re celebrating by bringing them to life at this year’s SXSWi Mashable House.

    At Mashable House, which opens on March 13 and runs through March 15, we’ll celebrate with a massive MashBash party at Rattle Inn in Austin. Details are top secret, but we can tell you this much: It will, without a doubt, be our biggest event yet.

    Interested? You can register here for both the Mashable House and MashBash.

    You can also follow @MashableEvents on Twitter or sign up here to receive updates and announcements.

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