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Here at March we like to make sure that we get the balance right between working hard and having some fun. Sure, delivering outstanding work for our clients is hugely important and it’s our number one priority, but it’s also important to enjoy your days and like spending time with the people you work with.  Go ahead and meet some of team and check out some of the things we have been up to recently!

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  1. yahoonews:Check out this amazing footage of the Hexapod… April 17, 2014


    Check out this amazing footage of the Hexapod Robot.  It moves like an animal but, yes, it’s a machine — and it’s a vision of the not-so-distant future of technology, robotics, and everyday life.

  2. iOS 8 Feature Requests April 17, 2014


    I usually write this post closer to WWDC, but iOS 7 is in need of a lot of work so I’m posting early. I’m not even going to request defaults for email, browser, and maps. There’s no point dwelling on things that are never, ever going to happen. Let’s jump in.

    - Shake to Undo
    Really? You’re still here? My iOS 5 request list asked if there was a better, cleaner way to handle undo and yet, it’s still hanging around. There HAS to be a better way than shaking the phone to deal with undo. But maybe not? It’s been in iOS for so long I’m almost convinced there’s no better way. Almost.

    - Smarter About Pausing Music
    Sometimes the volume should be just lowered not totally stop. If I’m listening to music and then I quickly want to record a video of something. My music doesn’t need to turn completely off and remain off until I launch into the Music App again and hit play. Apple can be smarter about that.

    - New Multitasking
    I wrote about this a few weeks ago. I think having access to your dock in the multitasking screen would be awesome.


    - Folders
    Folders have become abysmal in iOS 7. Only 9 items on screen at a time? And you can actually trap apps on their own page without knowing it. I never particularly liked the old folders, but some kind of hybrid of old folders with pages is a great place to start.

    - Lock Screen
    We should be interacting more with the lock screen. The lock screen as it is now seems too much like it’s been hacked together from what the original lock screen was and made to work as notifications became more important. It needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

    • I should be able to reply to a text message from the lock screen. 
    • I should be able to launch into the dock apps from the lock screen (much the way TouchWiz and Sense work). That way from lock screen and from multitasking you can always get to your most important apps.
    • We don’t need a clock to take up 1/3 of the lock screen.
    • Notifications that are outdated should go away. My transit app displays that there were delays on the 6 train this morning, even after it’s been corrected.

    - Touch ID
    Open up Touch ID so it can manage passwords on websites or within apps. I have to type in a ridiculous password every time I need to go into my banks app. Would love to bypass that with my fingerprint.

    I would bet 1000 dollars that this is coming in IOS 8. It’s the natural iteration of Touch ID and a way for people to get excited about it. Especially since it’s very likely that more devices are going to get Touch ID this year. Expect it in all new iPhones and iPads in the fall.

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  3. prweek:Cardstore launched a Mother’s Day video on Monday after… April 16, 2014


    Cardstore launched a Mother’s Day video on Monday after conducting a series of video interviews for a director of operations position, which offered no pay, no time to sleep, and other extreme conditions. In the video, which has garnered more than seven million views in three days, the brand suggests, “This Mother’s Day, you might want to make her a card.”

  4. hellofromtumblr:Discover Trending Blogs Tap the magnifying… April 16, 2014


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  5. fastcompany:Watch How Google X Employees Deal With FailureAn… April 15, 2014


    Watch How Google X Employees Deal With Failure

    An inside look at the inner-workings of Google’s top-secret research lab.

    Google X isn’t like most R&D labs. In this month’s featureFast Company was granted first-of-its kind access into Google’s top-secret research laboratory, where “moonshots” trump real-world feasibility, and failure is openly encouraged. “If we can get to a no quickly on an idea, that’s almost as good as getting to a yes,” says Rich DeVaul, head of Google X’s Rapid Evaluation team in the video above. Hit play to watch what happens when the very active imaginations of some very smart people are given free rein to fail.

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