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Here at March we like to make sure that we get the balance right between working hard and having some fun. Sure, delivering outstanding work for our clients is hugely important and it’s our number one priority, but it’s also important to enjoy your days and like spending time with the people you work with.  Go ahead and meet some of team and check out some of the things we have been up to recently!

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  1. fastcompany:Here’s how to keep in touch with your connections,… August 20, 2014


    Here’s how to keep in touch with your connections, without becoming a stalker.

    From finding a job to meeting your next business partner or new client, you know that there are countless ways that your network can help you when you need it.

    The problem is that reaching out, especially out of the blue, can feel awkward and inauthentic. You want to establish regular communication so that any requests are just part of the conversation.

    So how do you reach out without feeling sketchy about the whole thing? “The key is if you strive to provide real value in your outreach, people will look forward to hearing from you, every time,” says Jenny Powers, founder of the professional women’s networking group, Running With Heels. “Soon enough, they’ll be reaching out to you as well and it won’t feel like a one way street.”

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  2. prweek:News, TV and movie clips, and advertisements could soon… August 20, 2014


    News, TV and movie clips, and advertisements could soon appear — and then disappear — on Snapchat, according to The Wall Street Journal, which reported the service is in talks with media and advertising companies about launching a service called Snapchat Discovery.

  3. thisistheverge:I burned through my inbox with Mailbox for Mac… August 19, 2014


    I burned through my inbox with Mailbox for Mac
    Email, right guys? Some love it. Some hate it. Some are trying to replace it. But the fact is, we all use it. And since early 2013, Mailbox has been the fastest way to manage it, but it’s only worked on iPhone and Android. Today, however, Mailbox for Mac is finally available in beta, and it offers a taste of how email might feel if it weren’t bound by the age-old technologies underpinning it. All current Mailbox users will soon receive an email with a “beta coin” offering access to the app. (Everybody else will have to sign up for access on and wait a few weeks.)

  4. fastcompany:Networking in a new industry can be daunting for… August 15, 2014


    Networking in a new industry can be daunting for even the most socially adept. Here’s how to dissolve the nerves.

    Networking is research-proven to be the overwhelmingly best way to land a job, better than job board hunting and recruiter services.

    But for most of us—introverts, especially—selling oneself as a “brand” doesn’t come naturally. Something as small as fully owning the skills section of your resume feels like pulling your own teeth; shoving yourself out the door to walk into a room of strangers feels like a root canal.

    Here’s how to calm the nerves and awkwardness that come with wading into a crowd of industry pros, in search of your next big break:

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  5. Introducing the triple threat champs: @sarahlove53 &… August 15, 2014

    Introducing the triple threat champs: @sarahlove53 & @jennaburpee!

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