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How to Target Your Content Campaigns by Geography

By |Sep 6 2013|Content Marketing, PR|

In a digital world flooded with content, the concept of personalization is becoming very popular. There’s much more emphasis on […]

What Marketing Tactic Works Best for B2B IT Buyers? Transparency.

By |Sep 5 2013|Content Marketing, PR|

One of the biggest questions for tech marketers today is how B2B IT buyers research and make purchasing decisions. Print […]

Betterific: A Modern-Day Suggestion Box

By |Sep 4 2013|Social Media|

Ever have a brilliant idea that you didn’t know what to do with?

The three founders of Betterific feel your pain […]

3 “Back-to-School” Tips for Brands that are Addicted to Online Marketing

By |Sep 4 2013|Content Marketing, Social Media|

This past weekend, a hospital in Pennsylvania opened its doors to addicts whose lives revolve around the abuse of an […]

How to Develop a Mobile Web Marketing Presence … and Other PR Tips

By |Aug 30 2013|Blog|

Now is the Time to Develop a Mobile Web Marketing Presence
Spin Sucks – August 26, 2013

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly […]

Miley Cyrus’ Drastic Attempt at Rebranding

By |Aug 30 2013|PR|

By now, I’m sure everyone has seen, heard or read about Miley Cyrus’s colorful performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards […]

How a Café Does Content Marketing with a Single Coffee Cup

By |Aug 29 2013|Content Marketing, PR|

In March’s office building, there’s a little coffee shop on the ground floor called Equal Exchange Café. It pretty much […]

College Humor Video Pokes Fun at Content Clichés in Tech Industry

By |Aug 29 2013|Multimedia|

It’s hard to stand out from the crowd if you’re doing and saying the same thing as everyone else. It […]

Disconnecting on Occasion Helps to Avoid Burnout

By |Aug 29 2013|PR|

As PR professionals we spend a fair amount of time reading, connecting and engaging to ensure we are informed and […]

How to Use Content Marketing and Video Marketing for PR

By |Aug 28 2013|Content Marketing, Multimedia|

Yesterday afternoon, March’s Managing Partner Martin Jones co-presented a webinar hosted by PR News, “Content Marketing 101.”

It was a really […]