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Ebooks Vs. Whitepapers: Which Wins for Most Popular Lead-Gen Tool?

By |Oct 30 2013|Categories: Content Marketing|Tags: , , , |

Content marketing has become a popular tactic for B2B tech companies with long sales cycles that require lead nurturing and […]

When Social Media Engagement Goes Wrong

By |Oct 29 2013|Categories: PR, Social Media|Tags: , |

Social media provides a gateway to direct interaction with brands and their employees. So, naturally, consumers expect responses to their […]

Beyond Social Media: Are #Hashtags a New and Powerful Form of Punctuation?

By |Oct 29 2013|Categories: Content Marketing, Social Media|Tags: , , , |

The hashtag has become a powerful symbol in the social media realm, but could its reach extend beyond the likes […]

Will Facebook’s ‘News’ Feed Ever Live Up to Is Name?

By |Oct 28 2013|Categories: Social Media|Tags: , , , , |

News consumption in the Digital Era is in the midst of a revolutionary shift, with social networks transforming into something […]

Customer Experience: The Main Selling Point for Every Next-Gen Tech Company

By |Oct 28 2013|Categories: PR|Tags: , , , |

When tech companies design and launch new products, market research is crucial. Over the past few years, that process has […]

How to Combine Social Media with PR Campaigns

By |Oct 25 2013|Categories: PR, Social Media|Tags: , , , |

With social media becoming so prevalent in businesses today, traditional PR has a new opportunity to integrate with social campaigns […]

How to Bring the Power of Social Media to Networking Events

By |Oct 25 2013|Categories: PR|Tags: , , , |

We spend so much time in front of computers and on social media that, now more than ever, it’s important […]

The Louis C.K. Product Launch: Proving Authenticity Works, One Typo-Ridden Email at a Time

By |Oct 24 2013|Categories: Content Marketing, PR|Tags: , , , , |

Comedian Louis C.K. recently launched a new product. Or, in his case, a new stand-up special, Oh My God. Following […]

Engaging Audiences With Mind Teasers and Other Content Treasures

By |Oct 24 2013|Categories: Content Marketing, PR|Tags: , , , |

Twice yesterday via social media, my friends encouraged me to take an online left brain/right brain test. I recommend you […]

14 Reactions to Apple’s New – and Free – Mavericks OS

By |Oct 23 2013|Categories: PR|Tags: , , , , , |

As a PR agency, we always like to pay attention to product launches and all of the buzz that follows.

Yesterday, […]