[Video] What We’re Thankful for at March

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March is a family, and whether it’s the work, the office, the perks or the people – but especially the people! – we all have something we’re thankful for this year and every year.

Catching Up with Client Coverage – October

For this month’s recap of client coverage, we’re showcasing three tech PR features from October that were secured as a result of team efforts for AcuityAds, Canonical and Marxent.

Tools for Improved Social Awareness

The ultimate goal on social media is to make sure you are reaching targeted audiences and making a positive impression. Here are some helpful tips for improving your brand's social listening and awareness capabilities and translating that into a more effective overall digital strategy.

Welcome, Matt Eckess

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Today, we welcome our newest account coordinator, Matt Eckess, to the March Communications team. We asked him a few questions to get to know him better.

[Podcast] The Slipperierest Slope

Manny Veiga and Andrew Grzywacz discuss the communications strategies of some of the biggest names in technology - Facebook, Airbnb, and even figures like Peter Thiel or Sheryl Sandberg - when faced with social or political issues.

Media Firsts in the 2016 Presidential Election

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At Pub Club and PRSA Boston’s recent presidential election panel, local journalists shared their experiences covering the 2016 campaign, and how coverage this year has differed sharply from any previous elections.

3 Tips for Better PR Team Collaboration

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Group projects are often polarizing. But, if you work in a field that is centered on teamwork – like marketing, PR or communications – you better learn to love them! And, yes, it can be learned.

Pub Club Heading to WGBH and Faneuil Hall for Final 2016 Events

As the year comes to a close, The Publicity Club of New England (Pub Club) is hosting two must-attend events that you’ll want to add to your calendar!

[Video] Ghostwriting Tips for PR and Marketing

To ghostwrite well, you have to satisfy regular editorial demands while making sure the piece fits the tone and voice of your author. These ghostwriting tips can set you on your way.

Yes, Virginia, Seasonal Content DOES Work for B2B!

For many, “seasonal” content brings to mind blogs drenched in B2C-centric allusions to Christmas carols and Black Friday flash sales. […]