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3 Tips for Planning Live Event Video Strategies

By |Jul 1 2014|Categories: Content Marketing|Tags: , |

Yesterday, we took a look at some essential and affordable equipment for successfully shooting quality video content at live events.

Today, […]

3 Affordable and Essential Items for Shooting Event Videos for PR

By |Jun 30 2014|Categories: PR|Tags: , , , , |

Video content is rapidly gaining popularity as a PR tool among brands in just about every industry. When it comes […]

The Debut of the World’s Biggest Cloud at Hosting Con 2014

By |Jun 27 2014|Categories: PR|Tags: , |

The other week, I flew to Miami for HostingCon 2014, where global hosting and service providers come together to discuss […]

3 Things I’ve Learned from Chicago’s TechNexus CoWorking Space

By |Jun 27 2014|Categories: Culture|

March’s recent expansion into San Francisco and Chicago has reminded a few of the longest-standing Marcher’s of our PR agency’s […]

When’s the Best Time? B2B PR Strategies Down to the Minute

By |Jun 26 2014|Categories: PR|Tags: , , |

So much of a good B2B PR strategy comes down to timing… but, let’s face it, there are always going […]

Gigaom Structure: Is It Possible to Keep Pace with the Speed of Change?

By |Jun 26 2014|Categories: Culture|Tags: , , , |

At Gigaom Structure last week, talks covered the typical infrastructure topics of cloud and security with a sprinkling of newer […]

2 Important Things to Know about LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

By |Jun 23 2014|Categories: Social Media|Tags: , |

Back in February, LinkedIn opened up its publishing platform, giving 25,000 members the ability to post original, long-form content and […]

Google’s Panda Algorithm Squeezes Mediocre Content and… Press Releases?

By |Jun 20 2014|Categories: Content Marketing, PR|Tags: , , |

Google recently released Panda 4.0, an update that continues the search giant’s noble quest to rid search results of so-called […]

Kanye West’s Blueprint for How Brands Can ‘Raise the Palate’ of Customers

By |Jun 20 2014|Categories: Content Marketing, PR|Tags: , |

Kanye West knows what he likes. Just ask him. Or, don’t, but he’ll still tell you anyway. Have you ever […]

The New York Times has a Big Data Problem – Do You?

By |Jun 19 2014|Categories: Content Marketing, PR|Tags: , |

When The New York Times released a full-length feature describing the life and times of the late Nelson Mandela to […]