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SlideShare is probably the most under-appreciated social media channel when it comes to generating leads and building brand awareness. But, with five times more business owners and executives visiting it than any other social network, it won’t stay that way for long.

The company just announced that its users have uploaded more than 10 million slides. It is one of the top 200 sites visited in the world, with 60 million visitors and 130 million page views each month.

Perhaps that’s small change compared to Facebook’s 1 billion users, but SlideShare’s big advantage is that most of the people visiting the site are professionals who are specifically looking for B2B marketing tips and strategies. That’s something that no other social network can honestly say.

At March, we just uploaded our first SlideShare presentation, “Why PR & Content Marketing Are Turning into the Same Thing.”

As we created the slides and took a look at some other SlideShare presentations, we suddenly realized why the site was so popular: it’s gamifying B2B marketing by making eBooks, presentations and other collateral more engaging and rewarding for both marketers and prospects.

The Art of Gamifying Slides

It doesn’t take long to realize that there’s a big difference between SlideShare presentations and run-of-the-mill decks that get sentenced to life on a projector screen. With SlideShare, B2B marketers have had to adapt to the instant gratification culture of the Internet by essentially redefining the word “presentation.”

Rather than a straightforward and predictable presentation, many SlideShare decks leap out at you with bold words and bright pictures. They have animals and beautiful scenery to complement research and guides. Things sometimes pop up out of nowhere. Every time you go to the next slide, you’re never sure what you’re going to get.

These presentations can be delightful, exciting and visually engaging. And, at the same time, you’re absorbing B2B marketing materials. As content marketing keeps emphasizing the visual as much as the verbal, SlideShare has a big advantage –it’s already got the visual covered, and the presentations help make marketing more interactive, too.

This has created an opportunity for B2B tech companies to educate their clients and attract prospects. The gamification of B2B marketing, courtesy of SlideShare, has freed B2Bs from dry messaging and uninspiring collateral. Every B2B should revel in this newfound freedom by experimenting with this medium.

Check out our SlideShare presentation to get some ideas:

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