3 Ways to Boost Reader Engagement on Your Blog

Social Media Today – April 30, 2013

It seems more and more websites have a blog page these days, but that doesn’t mean anyone is reading or interacting with it. So how can you actually improve traffic and engagement for your blog? This article includes three simple tips: create video content, carry out interviews, and invite guest bloggers to contribute as authors.

What Print’s Transition to Digital Means for PR

Ragan’s PR Daily- May 1, 2013

As the digital age continues to grow, the newspaper industry has struggled to compete. This article shares some of the newest ways companies that used to rely on print are trying to stay relevant and keep growing. Two ways include the enforcement of pay walls and reinventing the ways news products are sold.

7 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Social Media Examiner – May 2, 2013

Social media marketing can be an important aspect of any business, no matter the industry or size of a company. That means that it’s crucial to understand how all the available social networks can be used for one’s specific needs. Through these seven easy tips, written in the following article, one can enhance their company’s networking and social media presence.

Facebook Hashtags: Potential New Way to Target Your Audience

Business2Community – May 2, 2013

Facebook is slowly but surely trying to become both a social network and a search engine. With #Facebook hashtags, there are a lot of implications to consider when it comes to marketing. This article discusses some of the hypothetical functions of a Facebook hashtag and how companies may benefit.