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Are you a B2B tech company that is thinking about leaping into the world of social media? Maybe you haven’t ventured in because you aren’t sure if you’ll reach your intended audience, or perhaps the scene just feels too overwhelming.

You’ve probably heard of the “big three” networks – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – attract most organizations. However, you may be wondering if you also need a presence on the emerging networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, SlideShare, and the countless others that seem to pop up almost daily.

While surveying the social media landscape and deciding how and where to participate can be intimidating, there are three things to keep in mind that will help you strategically grow your brand on social media networks.

1. Audience.

Think about the audience you wish to reach, including your current customers, potential customers, partners and industry influencers. How are these organizations and people using social media? What networks make the most sense for them? Once you determine where your audience is engaging, you’ll have a better understanding of the channels that are most critical for your company.

2. Competition.

How are industry competitors using social media? What channels work well for the competition? What channels seem to be lagging? Research how your competitors use social media in order to leverage their successes and learn from their mistakes. If they have a significant Twitter following but very small number of “Likes” on Facebook, you’ll have an idea of where your audience is.

3. Content.

One of the most important factors in a successful social media strategy is ensuring a steady stream of relevant content. Take time to think about what you will actually post on your networks, how it relates to your bottom line, who will develop the content and how regularly you will update everything. Be sure to have a solid repository of content before getting started. This will only lead to a stronger following.

Strategy and ROI

Social media may seem overwhelming at first, but a solid strategy will help guide any B2B tech company to success. At March, we practice what we preach and focus a lot of attention on the initial social media strategy to ensure a successful program. Taking the time to plan upfront ensures a company doesn’t invest a lot of resources without seeing a proper return.

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