Facebook isn’t a platform that appeals to a lot of B2B tech companies. One recent study showed that LinkedIn is deemed the most “useful” social media network among B2Bs in general, and Twitter comes out ahead of Facebook, too. Only 17 percent of B2B companies surveyed favored Facebook over the rest.

That’s no surprise. Ever since Facebook became seen as a viable business platform, usage and results have skewed toward some industries more than others. Restaurants, sure, you can post pictures of food and get a dozen “Likes.” An animal welfare organization? Just show off some puppies and you’ll be hitting 100 shares by noon.

So, yes, it’s easy to feel like Facebook isn’t the right turf for B2B tech companies. We’ve even written about how LinkedIn can generate leads, but haven’t really imagined writing something like that about Facebook. Facebook? Generate leads? It’s a foreign phrase.

But, with one billion users, it’s inevitable that someone is looking for your product on Facebook. You just have to share your Page until it reaches them.

Here are five quick ways B2B tech companies can get shares and leads on Facebook:

1. Start A Debate

Say, hypothetically, you’re offering back-up and storage solutions to accommodate the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend. Try asking a question that’s bound to get attention, like whether employers should ban all personal devices outright.

Do you offer marketing software to other tech companies? If that’s the case, you can ask which social media network is the most effective for B2B tech companies.

These debates should have participants from within the company, too. If they start a conversation, there’s a chance that it could spread. Even if it doesn’t, your engagement will go up on Facebook and employees can show their own opinions.

2. Offer Useful Advice… with a Picture

As much as possible, you need to give fans photos, and a photo with a statistic or advice as a caption can be very engaging. Your Facebook Page needs to be fully optimized for “skimmability,” because that’s how people use Facebook in general. They’re essentially looking for something that catches their eye.

Here, we can see email marketing company Constant Contact do this very effectively:

3. Show Behind-the-Scenes Events

It’s human nature to be curious about what happens behind the curtains. B2B tech companies are always at interesting networking events or doing something exciting at the office. Whatever the case, showing off something behind-the-scenes can be a great way to get more photos up there and show the company’s human side.

4. Offer a Demo

One of the best things a B2B tech company can offer is a free demo. Last year, I talked to one business that offered a trial of real-time translation software on Facebook. The trial attracted new fans to the Page and generated some serious engagement.

Yes, these fans were individuals and not businesses … but, as this company discovered, once people have had the chance to test out your product, they will start talking about it to the rest of their team and sharing it on Facebook and other social platforms.

5. Give Away Stuff for Free

Everyone likes getting free stuff. Giving away something useful to fans can help spread your thought leadership and increase engagement on your Page. For instance, HubSpot, a B2B tech company that offers marketing automation software, always offers eBooks about the latest marketing trends and strategies. Their Facebook Page has nearly 500,000 “Likes.”

Want more tips about how B2B tech companies should try using Facebook? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, “5 (More) Ways B2B Tech Companies Can Use Facebook for Leads.”

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