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Remember when Instagram announced that it had the right to sell users’ photos or use them in advertisements? Despite the fact that the company, bought by social media giant Facebook, publicly apologized and retracted the change to its terms of use agreement, many Instagram alternatives have since surfaced, offering similar and perhaps even better photo enhancing features.

One app making waves in this space is Tadaa. If you haven’t yet heard of it, but are a photo fanatic, you should definitely try it out. As with the majority of photo apps, you can alter the photos you take or import by applying selective editing features such as filters and adjustments.

Tadaa’s Unique Draw…

What sets Tadaa apart, however, is that you can manually apply particular effects with the swipe of your finger.  The app also touts other sophisticated features, such as a “tilt shift effect,” which lets you customize the orientation, width and degree of blur to your photos. And while you can share your images with other app users and through your social networks, like Instagram, Tadaa offers both HD and real-time photo sharing capabilities.

Yes, these nuances make Tadaa a strong photo sharing, social networking contender, but what takes it one step further than its more familiar rival? With one click, you can import your entire Instagram library of photos into Tadaa, so you don’t have to scrap any of your old snapshots.

Many brands have started recognizing the power of the visual social web and, with the explosion of mobile photo sharing over the last couple of years, the appetite for these services has only grown. After all, businesses rely on apps like Tadaa to showcase their products and services and users often turn to them to share things with their friends.

So which photo sharing service do you use – Instagram or Tadaa? Flickr or Twitter? The good thing is you don’t have to choose just one!



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