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The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) launched a mobile app today capable of sending notifications regarding disasters and emergencies occurring in the state. The app,ping4alerts!, is free of charge and can send text alerts and even voicemail messages that provide maps and websites of these exact occurrences. While this app is currently only available to iPhone and Android users, there is a future vision of making this app available to BlackBerry users in 2013.

Peter Judge, MEMA spokesman, said, “It allows us at MEMA to literally draw a box on a map, as big as the state or as small as a house, and anybody within that box would receive a message on their smartphone, particularly during a time of an emergency.” MEMA officials are even planning on using this app to share information with other state agencies like the State Police.

The beautiful thing about this app is that you will only receive notifications if you are within the area of these disasters or emergencies. According to a recent Boston.com article, the app is able to locate users in a specific area experiencing an emergency or disaster due to its reliance on GPS technology.

Being a Massachusetts resident and an iPhone owner, this may be one of the most useful apps to have!


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