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Reuters Editor Discusses Social Media Etiquette for Professionals

BusinessInsider.com – September 24, 2012

It’s no secret that social media has found its place in the professional world. But what is the proper etiquette professionals should maintain on these sites? This article discusses the proper use people should take when posting from a professional site and how to handle certain situations as they arise.


America’s 25 Most Inspiring Companies

Forbes – September 25, 2012

This article highlights the 25 most inspiring companies and how they got where they are today. Atlanta-based consulting and training firm Performance Inspired Inc. surveyed 2,175 consumers to help them determine who the 25 would be. The goal of the survey was to a find a correlation between successful companies and those that inspire consumers. Some of the top companies include: Apple (no surprise!), Wal-Mart, Target and Google.


Using Instagram for Brands

SocialMediaToday – September 26, 2012

As they say, sometimes less is more and that is exactly what Instagram has become for brands. This article discusses why brands are rushing to use Instagram – simply put; it is both a photo editing tool and a social network rolled into one. This application allowing brands to upload and share funky pictures of their business and allow for “likes” and comments. No advertisements, no additional features, simply shoot, edit and post.

Five Common Public Relations Myths… Busted!

HuffingtonPost – September 26, 2012

How many times have you been asked, “So, what do you do?” and your response of “PR” drums up blank stares or lots of questions? In this article, Jennifer Nagy dispels five misconceptions of what it means to be in the PR business. The top two myths she busts are: PR equals press releases and an effective PR team replaces the efforts of a sales team.

Show Me The ROI: Are You Tracking Social Media Success?

Business2Community – September 27, 2012

According to the State of Social Marketing Report, nearly half of all social media marketers do not measure their online success. The survey found 47 percent of those tracking their inbound marketing analytics report that they are not always looking at the right thing. This article discusses the importance of tracking your online success and how these measurements will allow you to improve and leverage outlets like Twitter to increase your overall bottom line.

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