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According to a recent NBCNews.com article, a bug has been uncovered in the Internet Explorer (IE) browser. IE is used by hundreds of millions of customers, and the scary part is that this security flaw allows hackers to take control of a PC remotely, which could be a hazard to many.

This bug was first discovered by a researcher in Luxembourg named Eric Romang. Eric first discovered the security flaw while using IE this past Friday, as his PC became infected by Poison Ivy, a malicious software that allows hackers to remote control PCs or even worse, steal data.

Because of this, Microsoft is advising Windows users to install free security software, Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, as a temporary fix to protect PCs from this unexpected problem. By implementing this software, Microsoft is buying additional time to fix this bug and create a new, more protected version of IE. However, security experts are saying computer users should avoid using IE as their browser for the time being, even if the security tool is installed.

Fortunately, I use Firefox as my browser, but this unexpected bug could and will affect many IE users and could be seriously detrimental to their PC and their privacy. I think if I was an IE user, I would probably hold off on using it for the time being, until a newer version was released since there is always the chance of a hacker getting through the installed security software.

So, if you use IE as your choice of browser, will you just install this software and hope for the best, or do you think you’ll turn away from this browser forever?

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  1. Don’t worry, the bug has been fixed.

    September 24, 2012

  2. Hi Elfsun-Great, thanks for the heads up! Glad to hear they fixed it so quickly.


    Becca Crouse
    September 26, 2012
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