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Infographic: 75 percent of reporters want videos in press releases

Ragan.com—August 13, 2012

Have you placed a video in your most recent press release? If you answered no, chances are, you aren’t alone. This article explains the discrepancies between what journalists want from press releases and what PR pros think they want. An astounding 75 percent of journalists say they want access to video in a press release, whereas only 43 percent of PR pros think video is important in a release. What do you think?

When it Comes to Social Networks, It’s Not All About You

PCWorld—August 14, 2012

In this article, Brad Chacos discusses how it is important to know how to interact with your followers or fans of your businesses’ social media outlets. Fans and followers want to engage with you on your social media outlets not receive endless amounts of status and tweet updates. The rule of thumb, according to social media marketers is the 80/20 rule: talk about interesting topics 80 percent of the time and only actively sell your brand 20 percent of the time.

Twitter Founders Want to Reinvent Digital Publishing – Again

Mashable—August 14, 2012

They are at it again! The founders of Twitter, Ev Williams and Biz Stone, are looking to change the face of the digital publishing world for the second time. This article discusses their newest social media outlet, Medium, which is a mashup of traditional blogging services and user-curated collections. This site allows users to read, give feedback or write their own material. Do you think it will catch on like Twitter and Facebook?

6 Crisis Lessons Learned From Progressive’s Social Dust-Up

PRNews Online—August 15, 2012

We all know Progressive’s happy-go-lucky spokesperson, Flo. However, Flo would be anything but happy after the way Progressive handled the recent Katie Fisher case. In this article, author Scot Van Camp, highlights six crisis lessons learned from this situation. Two critical lessons include not using a robot to auto-answer the public’s outrage and to respond to a crisis immediately as oppose to letting more than 24-hours go by without any action.

More Brands Joining Instagram — and with Good Reason

SocialMediaToday—August 16, 2012

First, it was the visually appealing Pinterest that made its way into the enterprise. Now, it is Instagram making waves among some of the top businesses as a way to promote their brands. This article discusses the recent study conducted by Simply Measured, which found 40 percent of top 100 brands have set up shop on Instagram. Interested to see who some of the top brands are? Find out here.

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