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As we like to do here at March, today we held our monthly Lunch & Learn, which featured delicious subs from Café Rustico and some very valuable insight from our special guest: Hyoun Park, Principal Analyst at Nucleus Research.

The goal of these Lunch & Learns is to walk away with a better understanding of such things as current industry trends, effective communication strategies, and quantifying results for clients. So who better to get us up-to-speed on all of the above than someone as immersed in the technology field as Hyoun?

Hyoun began by explaining that what separates Nucleus Research from other analyst firms is its specialization in value-based research. By putting an emphasis on the quantifiable results that end users can expect from a vendor’s solution, the firm has established itself as both extremely credible and well sought after. While it may currently have only 15 employees, Nucleus does boast several MBAs, giving them unique perspectives when analyzing vendors and end users alike. In fact, these financial backgrounds have allowed them to publish hundreds of ROI case studies to-date, with many more on the horizon.

In addition to the brief synopsis of Nucleus, Hyoun provided us with a great outline of what CFOs today really care about. He also gave some useful tips for driving the sales process, and it was interesting to see how they all seemed to apply to the way you would want to pitch a client. For example:

  1. The worst case scenario may actually be your best sales case. If you can convince your prospect that the worst case is good enough, this will not only improve your credibility, but also make them more comfortable about purchasing the solution/pursuing your angle.
  2. A few strong benefits are better than a lot of weak ones. Nobody wants to be inundated with small, minimally impactful facts and figures.
  3. Talk about low up-front costs, and be specific in doing so. Hyoun chuckled as he recalled one particular vendor telling him their latest solution was “nicer” than their previous one. What is that supposed to mean?

The March team was very pleased that Hyoun was able to take time out of his schedule to join us today. Not only was he able to provide the some valuable insight into Nucleus Research and the sales process, but he was also able to give us the inside scoop on the best restaurant meals & deals in Cambridge and Somerville. So, for expert analysis on the value of technology, Nucleus Research is certainly a good call. However, if you have an appetite for tips about dining, you may want to investigate Camberville Chow

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