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It hasn’t been a good summer for Facebook. The social media powerhouse has faced ruthless scrutiny over the past few months following disappointing stock prices. Meanwhile, according to a recent Computerworld article, Twitter engagement is growing. Therefore, I found a recent Mashable article highlighting Facebook’s new ‘Save for Later’ feature especially interesting.

According to the article, ‘Save for Later’ is suspiciously similar to Twitter’s ‘Favorite’ option. ‘Save for Later’ allows Facebook users to add stories to a saved folder, for their future viewing pleasure. The folder is held under Apps in Facebook’s iOS and desktop versions. Unlike Twitter, the friend whose story you are saving will not receive a notification. In my opinion, I think this this small, but important difference will set this feature apart from Twitter’s, and potentially make it more successful. I may speak for myself, but at times I find myself uncomfortable with ‘favoriting’ a tweet from a person whom I may follow, but not have a personal relationship. With ‘Save for Later,’ this discomfort will be avoided all together.

As of today, the feature is only available to a few iPhone, iPad and desktop users. As the feature is rolled out more broadly, I’ll be interested in seeing if it becomes a user favorite, surpassing Twitter’s “Favorite” feature in the process.

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