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Six Ways to Avoid a Personal PR Crisis on Social Media

PR Daily July 10, 2012

Many PR professionals associate themselves with the organizations they work for or represent on Twitter and other social media venues. Although they may not be tweeting under the organizations’ official account, they are contributing to its reputation nonetheless. This article lists some guidelines that anyone who associates themselves with a brand in social networks should consider following when engaging in conversations online.


Optimizing Facebook Engagement: The Timing of Posts

Social Media Today – July 10, 2012

This article looks at recent findings by Track Social, a monitoring and analysis platform designed to inform marketing and PR professionals about smart social media use, of what times of day and week major brands are getting the best results from their Facebook posts. There is a 16 percent increase in the number of interactions received when a post is made on the weekend, presumably because people have more time, and response rates are higher, on average, after 6:00pm.


7 Tips to Make the Most of Your PR Internship

PR NewsJuly 10, 2012

When executed correctly, an internship can be an invaluable tool that provides aspiring PR professionals an authentic learning experience through observing, encountering and undergoing the responsibilities of the profession firsthand. While education provides a deep background in PR, an internship allows one to build upon that knowledge through practice. This article lists some helpful tips to make the most of any PR internship experience.


Five Ways to Create Rich Content

iMedia Connection – July 11, 2012

As businesses shift their PR and marketing dollars from offline to online, the need for relevant content to share with prospects and customers has become critical. This article discusses five ways to get/create content for great online promotion: build it, buy it, share and link it, license it and steal it. Most businesses will use a combination of the strategies listed above, depending on budgets and resources, with the ultimate goal of making their site an engaging place to visit.


Public Relations Rules: Don’t Try to Be Something You’re Not

Bulldog Reporter – July 12, 2012

How does a company as ubiquitous as Walmart become an “authentic” brand? Whether a brand is large or small, the heart of its authenticity is in consistently practicing what it preaches and delivering on its promise. This article discusses how when a brand’s language, look or actions become out of sync with customers’ expectations, brand integrity suffers and trust is broken. One of the hallmarks of an authentic brand, business or personality is how it connects with its audience on a personal level.

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