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Vacation days consist of relaxing, kicking back and doing anything that isn’t work related, right? Well, unfortunately that is not the case for everyone. According to a recent Today.com article, more than half of the U.S. working population ends up doing the exact opposite of relaxing and works during their vacation time, planned or not.

A poll taken by TeamViewer was recently released showing that 52 percent surveyed will be working on vacation, which is up six percent from last year’s statistic. According to the survey, results also showed the interesting break down below for what people will do during their vacation time for work:

  • 30 percent will read work-related emails
  • 23 percent will receive work-related phone calls
  • 19 percent will want access to a document on their home computer
  • 18 percent will receive work-related text messages
  • 13 percent want access to a document on their work computer
  • 13 percent will be asked to do work by a boss, client or colleague

At the time, checking that simple email or picking up that incoming call can seem harmless, but the article states that this can have a negative effect on your future job performance. Susan Steinbrecher, a business consultant and author of “KENSHO: A Modern Awakening, Instigating Change in an Era of Global Renewal” says that “rest and renewal ultimately increase our ability to be productive, it is essential to completely unplug when on vacation”.

This wasn’t news to me when I first read it, as I am one of the guilty who checks emails during time off (I just did it last Tuesday). Here at March, and in the PR world in general, it is hard to completely tune out of the ever changing day-to-day PR life, as crises can arise and constant communication is key. This doesn’t ring true for all of the U.S. working population, as some people know how to tune out and stay away from work for their time allotted. So, do you relax on vacation and forget about work, or are you part of the percentage above who likes to know what is going on?

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  1. I’m with you, Becca! I check email on all days off because the thought of coming in to a full inbox is daunting and I don’t want to spend all morning going through them.

    I do think it’s important to recharge, but how do we do that? Deactivating email on the phone is an option but one I would never consider!

    Liz Swenton
    July 20, 2012

  2. I agree-the thought of hundreds of emails in my inbox when I return from vacation literally scares me! It is hard to find the balance between relaxing and working though. Maybe our OCD personalities will find this at some point :)

    Becca Crouse
    July 20, 2012
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