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Interesting that New York is launching its own engineering, research and development hub on the two mile long Roosevelt Island – dubbed ‘Silicon Island’.

Supported by Google and a number of wealthy benefactors, the mission is to diversify New York’s dependence on banking and finance, media and fashion and an attempt to establish a solid base in technology.

While the venture was initiated as a way to combat the tech centricity of Boston’s MIT and Harvard, and Silicon Valley’s Stanford University, it will be interesting to see whether it makes the East Coast compete better with West Coast when it comes to pumping out the next Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

In fact, maybe New York’s heritage in banking and finance will give the East Coast the edge when it comes to establishing multi-billion dollar companies that can actually deliver revenue of some sort…

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  1. Very interesting, especially given the island’s history as a prison and institute for the mentally ill. This will be a real lesson in re-branding!

    Doug Flora
    July 24, 2012
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