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Move over, Siri; there’s a new PA in town and its name is Google Now. At its annual conference this week, Google announced its new personal assistant for Android phones. It will be part of the next update to Google’s mobile operating system and according to this New York Times article, “will do things like remind an Android owner of a lunch date – but also who it is with, how to get there and when to leave, based on current traffic congestion.”

While this sounds downright helpful, the service will also rely on past Google searches to send you information, such as flight information and sports scores. According to Jenna Wortham, there is a fine line between helpful and creepy. When a consumer thinks about how much information organizations have on them, and how they use it, it can be a cause for concern.

Google Now will also play into the location-based trend, telling you when a friend is nearby. While you may have an app that already sends you alerts like this, Wortham suggests this doesn’t feel as “stalker-like” as Google alerting you.

For busy PR practitioners, services that make our lives easier are a good thing. It’s hard to judge Google Now before it’s available, but I will say as an iPhone user, I don’t necessarily take advantage of Siri. Perhaps you can use Google Now as little as much as you want, therefore controlling the amount of “stalker” qualities. What do you think of Google’s impending PA? Awesome and really helpful or scary and kind of creepy?

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  1. Google Now definitely sounds awesome but I agree that I probably wont take advantage of it. The information companies keep on users is creepy but as long as I’m using their services and putting my info out there, I appreciate any use of it that makes my life easier.

    July 05, 2012

  2. Thanks for the comment, Julie. I agree with your thinking that it’s a bit of a balance. If you are using their services and sharing some of your info, it’s okay for companies to leverage it in order to help make your life easier.

    Erica Frank
    July 09, 2012
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