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Charting the Industry: Twitter Up-and-Coming Pitching Platform

PR News Online May 28, 2012

According to the results of a PR News/ Cision social media survey discussed in this article, Twitter is the social media platform of choice to reach the news media and bloggers. About 35 percent of the nearly 300 respondents said Twitter was their main platform of social outreach. But, while 25 percent said a main goal with social platforms was to “create and broaden relationships with media and consumers,” PR pros are hesitant to use social networks to pitch stories to the media, as just 13 percent use them to “pitch story ideas with journalists and bloggers.”

How to build consumer trust through social media

iMedia ConnectionMay 29, 2012

In an age when authority is increasingly dispersed, it is not surprising to learn that peer groups have assumed a greater role as a credible source of information for many people. This article analyzes the importance of peers’ opinions and how social media sites have greatly amplified their power, speed and reach.

Lawyers.com attracts clients through content—and social media smarts

PR DailyMay 30, 2012

Somewhere in the Twitterverse, a 21-year-old Massachusetts woman inexplicably found herself facing a legal challenge when she tweeted, “I NEED A LAWYER IMMEDIATELY.” Lawyers.com replied to the tweet in a timely manner and included a link to a list of local law firms on its website. The exchange illustrates how companies can successfully use social media as a part of a unified marketing strategy. This article discusses how Lawyers.com weaves links through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, in order to drive traffic to a content-heavy website and blog and to create communities on law-related topics.

5 Ways Digital Has Forced Agencies to Adapt

Mashable BusinessMay 31, 2012

Technology advancements have changed the way business is conducted for all kinds of companies. Established PR agencies are competing with newer, more nimble firms founded by digital natives, and leaders in the field are innovating best practices and inventing new ways to deploy messages, activate consumers and measure outcomes. Clearly, the digital age has forced us to adapt, but what are some of the biggest changes? This article features a few agency leaders’ thoughts and opinions on how the digital revolution has impacted their companies.

Typos, Do They Really Matter?

Prowl Public Relations June 1, 2012

In the era of tiny keyboards and social media, flying thumbs and emoticons, typos are inevitable, but do they really matter? For any type of public relations professional, that answer is yes. This article highlights the recent Mitt Romney campaign misspell disaster, in which the campaign team unveiled a new iPhone app that led off with the phrase, “A Better Amercia.” A mistake like this can dilute your message or worse, seriously diminish your credibility. If you are trying to make it in the PR world, you need to learn how to communicate efficiently and, most importantly, make yourself clear.

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