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The Memorial Day holiday weekend is approaching fast, and if the weather permits, this is the perfect time for BBQs. I was poking through Mashable earlier and found an article that listed 10 “nerdy” gadgets to use during this long weekend (and in the future).

A few of the best ones listed were:

  • Hot Pot Barbeque – a herb garden and grill in one that looks like a plant but the top lifts off to reveal a grill
  • The Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler – this cooler has a remote control to increase your lazyness
  • Cool James iPod Ready Portable Party Cooler – can hold up to 72 cans and has a docking station for your iPod, where tunes can come out of two built- in speakers
  • Wireless Parasol Speaker – a battery powered speaker that can fit under your patio umbrella and wirelessly emit your music from indoors
  • Zap Racket – a rechargeable racket that comes in different colors to get rid of the pesky mosquitoes and gnats that nice weather brings

There were some more on the list, but I think the above are the most inventive. So, how about it? Would you ever think of buying anything so silly for an upcoming BBQ or party?


**Photo Courtesy of Mashable

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