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“We’re powered by cute,” says Jack Sheperd, editor of BuzzFeed’s new Animals vertical.

According to Mashable, kitties and puppies are still content kings. And what is cuter than a website full of kitties and puppies? Maybe a website with kitties, puppies, polar bears and bunnies. Insert BuzzFeed Animals.

Launched this week, “BuzzFeed Animals will rely on emotional images, technology and an aggressive viral strategy to push its content far and wide. More than most sites, Buzzfeed strives for viral traffic over native seed traffic,” as stated on Mashable. Yesterday’s gem included “33 Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed In You,” my favorite being the sea turtle who’s upset that you don’t do your dishes. Another favorite is “Kitties In Paris” with a cat that appears to be cray.

So this Sheperd guy – a genius or has way too much time on his hands?

In my opinion, a little bit of both. I visit BuzzFeed for my tech news (See Instagram infographic) because I love the emotional spin the editors take. The site’s out-of-the-box strategy has led it to its success in viral traffic referrals, which is one of it’s main goals. (Hence the name – BuzzFeed)

By adding a new animals vertical, a search term that continues to top the internet charts, traffic to BuzzFeed will continue to soar. (I can’t wait to submit my favorite Border Collie, Shelby, to The Cute List)

Are you a frequent visitor to BuzzFeed? If so, will you check out BuzzFeed Animals?


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  1. This will no doubt be my new daily ritual – logging on and checking out BuzzFeed’s animal section!

    Meredith L. Eaton
    April 11, 2012

  2. How could you not? :)

    Be sure to vote for Shelby when she’s on The Cute List!

    Liz Swenton
    April 11, 2012
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