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The overarching message of disruptive change on Mad Men this season, reminds me of the impact digital had on the PR industry  nearly a decade ago now. Just as Roger and Don try desperately to maintain a grip on a society that being pulled out from under them, I reckon many veteran PR folks underwent a similar, perhaps equally unsettling transition, as the new generation marched into their offices – right past the fax machine, powering up their various mobile devices and introducing a storm of new lexicon into the workplace that is now taken for granted.

As the season progresses onward – and clear winners and losers emerge – it’s interesting to think about the next disruptive wave that will completely redefine, or at the least, reshape the bounds of PR. In fact, most would argue that we’re still amid the transition that began in the late 90s. While much of it has shaken out (do we really need to make the case for online/social/digital anymore?), as an industry PR is still remaking itself – and hopefully – continues to do so. After all, as we’ve seen this season with Don and Roger sinking into the comforts of their past successes, both risk being left behind by a savvier set of new minds with new ideas. So thank you, Don and Roger, for serving as a good reminder to the industry to always keep innovating and stay ahead of whatever the next big thing might be.

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