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Analytics seem to solve everything—from fighting fraud to improving customer experiences—and now they’re encouraging employees to conquer procrastination and gain productivity.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, new apps and computer software gather data about what people do at work, and analyze this to help them improve their performance. For example, one time saving tool can measure how long you spend on a specific website, how long you are idle, and how many websites you look at throughout the day. The tool then takes your measurements and puts them into a graph to show patterns of how you spend your time. If you realize you lose focus during a specific time of day, you can block distracting internet browsers during this time.

Rather than blocking access to certain sites, another procrastination prevention tool takes a different route by asking users to respond to a daily “What did you do today?” email. It then gathers responses so workers can see how they are progressing.

The most important aspect of these tools is they allow employees to track themselves and see what works for them—no creepy Big Brother alert needed.

Giving employees insight into their daily tasks can help them optimize processes and inevitably increase their happiness with how they spend their time at work. Therefore, although companies will undoubtedly benefit from more productive workers, the people who will gain the most from using these tools are the individual employees.

Would you use software to track your work? What tools do you already use to manage your time?

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