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Brad Kaselowski's view of the fire at the Daytona500

When the world of cars and social media collide, you can bet I’ll be there.

That said, I am not really a NASCAR fan. But there was a pretty monumental happening at the Daytona500 last night that combined a fiery explosion, a NASCAR driver, and the mobile phone he happened to be carrying on him while driving at ballistic speeds.

There’s a great story about the thing over at Jalopnik.com, and I really suggest you read it here. The cliff notes version is that the race was delayed because of rain, and to dry the track they used a spare jet engine being pulled by trucks whenever the race was temporarily halted for another crash or something. Yeah…I’ll refrain from diving in to the environmental merits of this. It’s already professional racing so what’s an extra jet engine?

Anyway, during one of the temporary halts, a driver lost control and hit the jet engine, causing a massive, fiery, jet fuel-fueled explosion. All other drivers stopped driving, and one driver in particular, Brad Keselowski, pulled a phone out of his pocket, took a picture of the accident, and posted it to Twitter.

Now, because there was more of a prime-time Monday night TV audience because the race was delayed, the upshot was that Twitter ate it up and Brad’s follower count increased by 100k in about an hour.

Social media’s power can be pretty amazing sometimes.

I’m still not watching NASCAR events any time soon, though.

Image credit: Brad Kaselowski, and reposted from Jalopnik.com


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