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It’s that time of year again where shopping is a priority and it’s nothing but crowded stores, long lines, parking woes and let’s not forget the biggest dilemma of all- what to get people for a holiday gift. No worries, because as usual the iPhone is coming to the rescue with its new creation of shopping aid apps.

In a recent article by Mashable, “7 Free iPhone Apps that Make Shopping a Cinch”, shopping is easier than ever with these free and innovative apps. These apps are perfect for this time of year and will make your life just a teensy bit easier during this chaotic, party-filled, gift-giving season.

The apps Mashable listed that stood out to me most are the aisle411, Coupon Sherpa and FastMall. The aisle411 lets you create your grocery shopping list by voice-command and even separates your items by category. This could possibly become my number one app, because I tend to do a lot of baking for parties around this time. Since the holiday season can be quite a bust on your wallet, the Coupon Sherpa can be a handy pal. Once you enter your store location, the app reads what discounts are available in your area for immediate use. The FastMall is a handy, virtual directory right in the palm of your hand. It provides the fastest-route option to the store you’re searching for, an instant restroom finder and even a reminder of where you parked. After hours of shopping remembering where you parked your car can be extremely difficult, especially when it took you 25 minutes to find a space to begin with.

This time of the year can always be a little stressful, so why not download these free helpers to guide you through the chaos?


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