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The debate has been raging for years. Back when mobile phones first became popular, right through to today’s smartphones that have become an essential part of everyday life for millions, there has always been the fear that the radiation emitted by phones cause cell damage. With Wifi exposure on the rise and the distinct possibility that our beings are likely to be deluged by radiation from various ‘always on’ devices, the question remains a hot topic.

There have been umpteen studies and reports, endless conjecture and at times panic…but the questions  remain – if my ear is really hot because I’ve  been on the phone for 15 minutes am I doing irreparable damage?  And if I walk around with my phone in my pocket, can I say goodbye to my chances of having children?

Well, here’s a chart from August 2011′s Scientific American that helps to show the difference between ionizing and nonionizing radiation…so does that mean we have nothing to worry about?


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