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I finally got an iPad a couple of weeks ago, and since then, I’ve spent way too much time playing Words with Friends and Angry Birds following Liz’s and Meredith’s recommendations.

So, when searching for some apps to help me be a bit more productive, I came across a useful blog post from Mickie Kennedy of PR Fuel. Her suggestions of the TweetDeck, Dropbox, Flipboard, Desktop Connect and Skype apps are all good ones.

But after digging around the app store a bit, I’d also add the following to her list for PR pros:

  • Evernote – Just updated, the app allows you to take text or audio notes. Use it in meetings, when brainstorming or to blog.
  • Duo Browser – It’s much easier to multi-task when given the ability to browse two websites at the same time with this app.
  • Feeddler RSS Reader – The app synchs with Google Reader, and allows you to quickly share news with colleagues and clients (whether via email or on Facebook) .
  • Zinio – You can also keep up with news and browse magazines and digital content with this app (the third highest-grossing one, in fact).
  • WordPress – Don’t forget to blog or manage comments from anytime, anywhere.

Are there any other iPad apps you recommend I and other PR pros try out?

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