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When I first got my iPhone I was never without it. I think I even used the words, “Its changed my life.” When I started playing Words with Friends, I had a somewhat similar attachment. Eventually, I had to start putting my iPhone across the room during bedtime, because I was staying up so late playing. How many points you got for a word became the hot topic at work….I’m sure everyone reading this has similar stories.

I started thinking about all of this on Wednesday when I was introduced to a new start up, Zaarly, which launched that morning. The concept is short, simple and sweet: it’s a buyers’ market so why not offer the market a way to get what they want, whenever they want it. Essentially, if you are dying for a Starbucks nonfat, half regular, half decaf, iced caramel latte and would pay someone $10 to bring it to you, you can with Zaarly. After playing with the app for 30 seconds, I can see people becoming easily hooked.

According to the local Boston PR launch pitch:

Starting today Bostonians can tap into the people around them at any given moment to get groceries delivered from Whole Foods, a Burrito from Boloco, their lawn mowed, last minute tickets to the Bowery, a Newbury street facing table at Sonsie and maybe even an umbrella for all of this rain, all through Zaarly for their iPhone or at Zaarly.com.

Conceived and built from the ground up in less than three months by CEO Bo Fishback and co-founders Erick Koester and Ian Hunter, with funding from Ashton Kutcher, Zaarly has Silicon Valley buzzing with its location-based, real-time commerce platform that makes the buying and selling of goods, services and experiences to the people around you from your mobile phone possible.

Zaarly’s nationwide launch today brings to life the idea of a modern day bazaar, blending the best parts of Craigslist, eBay and Foursquare, allowing consumers to buy or sell anything, at anytime, anywhere.

The company’s recent trial at SXSW shows just how much money it can drive. In less than 48 hours, Zaarly processed more than $10,000 in transactions…that’s huge!!

Despite Zaarly’s potential, there are also some drawbacks. Once you post a request, you have no idea who will accept it. This could lead to some sketchy encounters no doubt, particularly after the headline news about the Craigslist killer.

I’m eager to see how Zaarly progresses. Whatever direction it takes, it’s another step forward in leveraging the social realm in a unique and innovative way.

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