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Heavy ReadingFor this month’s training tea session, March Communications invited Ari Banerjee senior analyst of Heavy Reading to speak with us on how to effectively engage with analysts.  For many of our B2B clients this is an important relationship to form and maintain.  Analysts are not only writing about the industry, but they are also speaking to our clients’ customers and serving as a third party references.  Ari’s talk was very insightful, and certainly shed some light on the relationship between PR and AR.

From a PR perspective, influencing the influencers becomes essential.  From Ari’s experience, three qualities can help PR professional goes a long with analyst relations—the 3Ps: persistence, politeness and punctuality.

  • Analysts are busy and travelling a lot—be persistent—keep talking and engaging with them to schedule that conversation.
  • Analysts cannot take every briefing request—be polite—discuss alternative options with the them and try to coordinate some other interaction.
  • Analysts typically have back to back meetings—be punctual—try to keep to the briefing or meeting time.

Some best practices PR practitioners should follow:

  • Understand the analyst firm and the analyst’s coverage area
  • Know the market and industry key trends
  • Follow up with presentations
  • Present with case studies when applicable
  • Connect with customer if possible
  • Book briefings in advance

Make sure you check out our new YouTube page – we’ll be posting a Q&A with Ari shortly.

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