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Do you still need to be convinced that Twitter is as big and effective as your PR agency claims it is?  If you’re like some people, maybe you’re still waiting for this fad to pass, but a recent article I read included some impressive stats and graphs illustrating just how much this social media platform has grown in 2010 alone.

Some of the most notable highlights include:

  • More than 100 million new accounts were opened in 2010.
  • 22.5% of users are responsible for 90% of all tweets.
  • 69% of Twitter users provide a bio (compared to just 31% in 2009)
  • 82% of Twitter users provide a location (compared to just 44% in 2009)

I find it interesting people and companies are offering more information on their profiles, whether it’s their website URL or location.  I also think it’s indicative that organizations are recognizing and responding to the notion that people rely on Twitter as an alternative research tool to search engines.  As a PR professional, I know that if I can’t easily access a bio of an analyst or journalist, chances are that his or her Twitter profile will at least guide me in the right direction.  In the same vein, if you’re looking for a company but are unsure of the spelling or URL, Twitter’s a great way of verifying that you’re thinking of the right organization.

100 million is pretty big number.  Regardless of whether you believe Twitter is a required platform to make your company successful, no one can deny that its growth has skyrocketed within the past 12 months.  What do you think?  Will Twitter likely double its user base in 2011?

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