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That’s the slogan for the new Firefox plugin, Social Media Sobriety Test.

Think of it as a breathalyzer for your computer – preventing you from Facebooking, Tweeting or emailing something you’ll regret in the morning. (or afternoon)

According to a recent Mashable post, “Set your hours of intoxication, and if you try to sign on to one of those (Facebook, Twitter or even email) sites during those times, you’ll be asked to pass a test.”

Tests include typing the alphabet backwards and other things difficult to do sober – and if you fail, site is blocked.

But as Brenna Ehrlich points out in her post, this plugin doesn’t work on mobile devices, so when you’re out at the bar, “one’s only protection is one’s own common sense. Good luck with that.”

Fun Facts:

  • Plugin also works for Safari, IE and Chrome.  It does’t discriminate.
  • Created by Webroot, they had one goal in mind – “we protect you from everything, even yourself.”
  • TIME refers to drunken social media activity as Tipsy Tweets and Foggy Facebook Updates.

Will you use this plugin?

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