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Just read a funny little article that made me giggle on this cold Friday afternoon.  “Ding!  Mail. OMG! It’s Steve Jobs.”  The title alone makes me laugh.  The piece looks at the email responses people have received from Steve Jobs after writing with an issue/comment, and the excitement they cause.

” ‘Oh my God, I am never cleaning my in-box again,’ Devir Kahan says in an eight-minute YouTube video he made last month after hearing from Mr. Jobs.

“Mr. Kahan, who is 14 and lives in the New York City area, had complained about a problem with an Apple keyboard. ‘Software fix coming soon,’ Mr. Jobs’s reply said. ‘Sorry for the bug.’ ”

Another example:

“John Devor printed out his personal Jobsian missive and taped it to the wall of his dorm room at the University of Virginia. The 23-year-old entrepreneur had written Mr. Jobs to praise him, but also to complain about how Apple’s lawyers were demanding that he change the name of his music-copying program, iPodRip.

” ‘Change your apps name. Not that big of a deal. Steve,’ Mr. Jobs wrote.

” ‘I was stunned. I think I was shaking,’ Mr. Devor recalled of the moment the e-mail message appeared in his in-box. A few weeks later, he reflected more calmly about the reply. ‘I kind of pictured him writing that while he was going to the bathroom or something,’ Mr. Devor said.”

Interesting mental picture.  Frankly, sounds like the responses are a bit curt… but hey, if you’re Steve Jobs, you can get away with it!  And, apparently, make a few lucky people really, really happy along the way.

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