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Social media guru and New Marketing Labs President Chris Brogan recently wrote a blog post on various techniques for reaching out to bloggers.  For all of you PR and marketing folks, he has some great advice.

Here are a few of my favorites with my own commentary below each:

  • Do your homework – consider what they write about before pitching

This is the Golden Rule of pitching for any kind of media.  Yes, it takes more time, and yes, you can’t reach out to as many people, but in the long run, the quality of coverage is that much higher and in some cases, the quantity too.

  • Good resources for identifying bloggers:
  • Make everything as seamless as possible for them

This is another good rule to follow when pitching any media.  Before you send it, read it from the bloggers position and see if it leaves you confused or with any questions.  While some questions are good (see next commentary below), you’ll want to make sure the pertinent ones are answered enough to get you to the next step.

  • Make sure your FIRST email does nothing but get the buy-in to pitch the story

Chris notes that this is a highly debated topic – should you do it in one email or two?  I agree with Chris – simplicity is great.  Brevity has a way of generating interest.  Positioning the information as creatively and concisely as possible, while giving just enough to peak their interest, is always key.

  • Don’t push

This is something that PR people often walk a fine like with.  On the one hand, they know (or should know) that nagging a reporter will not get them anywhere, but on the other, the client demands continual updates on progress.  This is where it’s important for PR professionals to take a step back and counsel the client on the rules to successful media outreach etiquette.  There’s a distinct difference between being persist and being pushy.

To read Chris’ in full, go to his post How to Reach Out to Bloggers.

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