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This recent article by Joshua Brockman offers some tips for job seekers on how to work your social networks. These days, most people are using social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter to find jobs in their fields because recruiters turn to these sites to post openings. In PR, both of these sites are excellent ways of interacting with companies you are interested in working for. Here at March, we have turned to these sites, posting job opportunities on both LinkedIn and Twitter. Back when I was job searching, I joined several alumni groups on LinkedIn to connect with former Marist College students who were working in public relations. It’s helpful to join groups that relate to your interests so you can find the right people and have direct discussions with them.

Twitter can be very helpful when you are  searching for people and content that is specific to what you are interested in. Tons of professionals in the PR industry post advice and offer tips on how to get your career started. This list of the top PR people on Twitter should be a good place to start looking for who to follow.

There are also a number of industry-specific social networking resources that  have come about to help you narrow down the search. Monster.com has created a number of online communities that offer professional networking. As for  PR folks, sites like O’Dwyer’s and PRSA have job sections where you can check out opportunities and post your resume.

Brockman also recommends using sites like JobShouts.com, which features a “social search” button to search for information about a company across Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Spoke and other sites with just one click. It also posts jobs to a Twitter feed, which should makes things easier for you!

Do you have any other PR job sites, communities or twitter users that job seekers should be checking out?

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