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Check out this piece if you are a small business and want tips on how to do basic yet effective PR.

This piece is now the third in a series of contributed articles we’ve been working on to help raise awareness of our business and services.  See Nicole’s post here to view the others.

It’s sad how bad PR agencies (especially boutique ones like us) are at their own PR.  My New Year’s resolution (and yes I know it’s early to kick it off) is to make 2010 the year March’s own PR makes a big difference in terms of thought leadership for us.

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  1. That’s a great New Year’s resolution – especially for companies that live in the “practice what you preach” world. We loved her article.

    John Sternal

    John Sternal
    December 16, 2009

  2. Hi John -

    Thanks for the comment. We are getting there. Glad you liked the articles. More to come in January :)

    Just yesterday we were giving a blogging 101 presentation to our client and practice what you preach was the main theme.

    Cheryl Gale
    December 16, 2009
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