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…but I’m going to anyway, because it’s important.  Articles have been popping up left and right lately about the importance of shutting down computers after work hours.  The latest article I’ve seen, in USA Today, references a recent report put out by 1E, a specialist global provider of Windows Systems Management software and services solutions.  The report, titled “PC Energy Report 2009 – United States, United Kingdom, Germany,” looks at the money and energy wasted by not turning off PCs at night, and how this wasted energy affects our environment.  Among its findings, the report states:

Collectively, US organizations waste $2.8 billion every year powering 108 million unused PCs. In 2009, these unused PCs are expected to emit approximately 20 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions – roughly the equivalent to the impact of 4 million cars.  As an example, for an organization with 1,000 PCs, this amounts to approximately $26,000 per year.

And here’s a surprising stat to think about come quitting time:

If all the world’s 1 billion PCs were powered down for just one night, it would save enough energy to light up New York City’s Empire State Building — inside and out — for more than 30 years.

Frankly, the state of the world’s environment these days terrifies me.  Please, let’s all do our small, easy part to help.  Power down at night.

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