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Hacks and Flacks Podcast Ep. 8: Rolling Stone Gathers All the Moss

By |Apr 24 2015|Hacks and Flacks Podcast|

This week, Allie Bidwell, Education Reporter for U.S. News & World Report, walks us through the Rolling Stone report. We also chat about the 2015 Pulitzer Prize announcements and BuzzFeed's continued deletion of editorial posts.

The Once and Future PR Professional

By |Apr 23 2015|PR|

What public relations skills are mandatory today that aren't taught in colleges' and universities' communications programs?

Video Blog Post: Sarah L on the Evolution of Social Media as a PR Tool

By |Apr 22 2015|Video|

In this week's video blog post, Senior Account Executive Sarah Love shares her thoughts on the evolution of social media - how it's grown from the days when college students would tell jokes on Facebook, to now, when every company has a social media presence.

Is Your Content Marketing Creating Headaches Down the Road?

By |Apr 15 2015|Content Marketing|

Last Friday, March held a content marketing and copyright issues crash course, led by our peers Jim Young (@JW_Young) and […]