Full Disclosure: SiriusDecisions is a March client.

Yesterday was another very interesting day here at the SiriusDecisions Summit down in sunny Orlando, building on Tuesday’s opening day (which was recapped here).

One of Thursday morning’s sessions covered how B2B organizations can improve the measurement of sales and marketing to bring together the array of metrics and sources of performance data into one useable ‘truth’.

The SiriusDecisions Aligned Measurement Framework was designed to help organizations bring together the measurement that is often taking place on a stand-alone basis within sales, product and marketing by creating a more integrated system.

March created a preview video of the framework here and there’s more on the SiriusDecisions blog.

Selfie-Style Content

One of the stand-out sessions of the whole conference was the one on messaging. The analogy of ‘selfies’ was brilliantly used to highlight the self-obsessed nature of B2B content that all too often focuses on the products, the solutions and / or the company.

The messaging Nautilus, an eight step framework that starts the messaging process by defining the target audiences, ensures that all content is always as audience-centric as possible, focusing on the things that will interest the expected consumer of the content, whatever the format.

Yesterday afternoon was all about extrapolating on the deep dive into different aspects of the eight new frameworks being unveiled at the Summit. Last night was the ROI Awards Gala, which revealed some interesting real-life examples of how SiriusDecisions has helped transform companies and optimize growth.

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