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Earth with lights

As the globalization of today’s political, social and economic structures escalates, international communication becomes all the more important for businesses looking to serve increasingly diverse markets.
Attempts to tear down geographical borders and restrictions to reach consumers on a local level require…


In a digital world flooded with content, the concept of personalization is becoming very popular. There’s much more emphasis on developing relevant collateral for specific groups or even individuals because, with so many things to choose from, prospects and customers are likely…


Ever have a brilliant idea that you didn’t know what to do with?
The three founders of Betterific feel your pain and, in response, have launched a social, idea-sharing platform where users can go to brainstorm with other innovative minds. It’s all…

Twitter-esque Blue Bird

It’s not uncommon for social media users to become obsessed with their popularity on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You may even be guilty of it, too! Ever post a picture to Instagram and then just ten minutes later…

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space laucnh

Following parts one and two of our three-part series on successful B2B technology product launches, here we examine the third and final phase: the post-launch.
After months of stress and prep, now it’s time to tie up any loose ends and evaluate…

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Following part one of our three-part series on successful B2B technology product launches, here we examine the second phase: the actual launch.
It’d be great if you could just sit back on the day of the launch and watch the coverage roll…

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microphone 2

The majority of B2B tech companies are operating in extremely crowded markets. Businesses across most industries – from backup and disaster recovery to cloud security and big data analytics – have to find ways to rise above noisy competitors to establish greater…

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If I had one PR superpower, I would choose the power of foresight. Being able to know what big trends were coming down the line in five or even just two years would be immeasurably valuable. With our all-too-common power of hindsight, we…

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SlideShare, the social media network that hosts online presentations, is kind of the unsung hero of the B2B world. Maybe it hasn’t exactly caught fire precisely because so much of the content is B2B-focused.
The truth is that SlideShare is one of…

Camera Drawing

While often thought of as another way to broaden a company’s reach, are photo networks like Pinterest and Instagram really worth a business’ time? With 48.7 million users on Pinterest and 100 million users on Instagram, it seems companies may be missing…

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